TLC is at it again.  This time they have gone into this with the tattoo world up in arms.  Here at KcWorstTattoos we are trying to help educate the public as to what to look for when it comes that time for your next new tattoo.  It has just been made harder for us to do our job.  When the money hungry tv channels decide to make a show about a tattoo “school” it gets real tattooers in an uproar.  They have a so called tattoo genius supposedly teaching people how to tattoo in a two week period.  We fear that this will start an onslaught of even more scratchers taking over the local trailer parks and apartment complexes.  Or perhaps more door to door tattoo salesman.  We here at KcWorstTattoos ask you to not watch this so called “tattoo school” tv program.  This is going to hurt not only the tattoo world but also anyone who gets any kind of bbp or infection from someone who did not receive the proper training.  We do not need more dirty shops,  we have more than we should in the first place.


TLC Reality Check