A picture is worth a thousand words(you can choose which words you would like to say this is worth).


(*Correction: Apparently this was done at Conversion Body Art by an artist that now works at Unleashed Tattoo.)

convention pics

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Some more “great” tattoos by a Kansas City artist.  It is even more sad that some poor souls got these at conventions.

Hands with ? on them.

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Someone sent this to me.  I am not real sure what the one on the left is supposed to be.



(*Correction:  This artist has moved on and no longer works at Bleeding Heart Tattoo.)

shark attack

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Came across the photo on the web and thought it was worthy to be posted.  Just think this could be on your hand.  Never be able to hide this hideous attempt to tattoo.   It has somewhat made me sad and slightly angry that these are tattoos coming out of  “professional” shops.  I will do a section of kitchen magicians(scratchers) soon.

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