When we started this blog the full purpose was to try and teach the normal consumer what a good tattoo looked like.  At the same time we think that scratchers should be called out for their actions.  If you are a true tattooist and you have a true love for tattooing then you will do whatever it takes so that you can learn the correct way of tattooing.

We have posted several blogs so far.  The response has been overwhelming great.  We have had so many people messaging us and thanking us for what we are trying to do.  At the same time we have had 2 or 3 different people who have been blogged about sending hate messages.  We have been called “nigga faggots” and much more.  We have also been told that we need to be squashed because we don’t know what we are talking about.  Our facebook was shut down because of these scratchers complaining over and over again.  We have said from the beginning that if you have been blogged about and you quit “tatt’n up” people or if you choose to make the correct steps to do a real apprenticeship that we will take you off here.  Of course if at this point you have a huge head about yourself and you really are a horrible tattooist then you will probably never get better because in your small mind you are already great.

Seeing that our facebook has been deleted for now we are asking that YOU(people who respect tattooing) share links to our blog on your websites, facebooks, myspaces, blogs, whatever it is you use.  A couple of scratcher turds will not scare us off.  LET’S SAVE GREATER KANSAS CITY TATTOOING!!!!



Here are a couple pictures of what we are trying to stop.  These were sent to us and we were told they are “E Rock” from somewhere around Grandview.

As you can see he uses very sterile practices.  “Don’t mind that oil spill my paper towels are laying on, it ain’t hurt’n you”