As we set here going over portfolios on the world wide web it has really just hit us.  The percentage of bad tattooist in the greater Kansas City area is very large.  We came to the conclusion that it would be easy to find tattoos that many artists had done when they were first starting off and make them look bad.  No one starts out as a great tattoo master.  It takes years and years to really become confident in your work.  A good artists never stops learning.  So we will try and only put up current work.  Most artists try and keep their best or current work up on their websites.  We feel that if an “artist” has it on their site then they are proud of it and it is fair game.  Everything that has been posted so far came directly from the “artists” site.

Unknowing whether or not anyone would be interested in this subject we decided to throw up a facebook to get a couple of people to look at our blog.  We asked around 10 people to be friends and posted a link to this blog.  To our surprise within 3 days of doing so we had over 400 hits.  We also have started receiving emails with links to our local magicians.  There is only so much spare time in a day and we will try and keep this updated as much as possible.  The better the response the harder we will work on bringing you the worst of the worst.

Now that you made it threw all those boring words, we bring you images of pure magic.  This is from a tattooist that has actually retired.  His website is still up and seems to still be maintained and some of these seemed just to epic to pass up.  We were actually not going to put them on here until we found this posted on his site  “The GYPSY Is A Master Tattoo Artist And Has Taken and Passed The Tattoo Mastery Test Given By The Alliance Of Professional Tattooists. There Are Only 27 people Worldwide Who Have Obtained This Recognition And Distinction”  so there are only 26 other people in the world that are at this high of a level.

Let it be known that we do not personally know all the tattooist that we have and will post on here.  All posts will be on works alone.  Some of these people may be great at life,  just not great at tattooing.