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This is a public service announcement.  When you post on the internet whether it be on this site or other sites people can see and read them.  I suggest that you think over what you are going to write.  For some people you might want to just go ahead and just not write anything cause you are making yourself look as though you have had no education.

Thanks you for all the support.  Feel free to read and write comments.

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Hate Mail


As the days go by sense we have started this blog we have had more and more people telling us that this should have been done a long time ago and that they are happy at the direction it is going.  On the other hand we seem to be making some people mad.  Those are the people who have made it onto the blog walls.  As we have said before some of these people might be great at life, just not at tattooing.  Others seem to not be great at either.

We have said in the past that if you make it onto this blog and you take this as advice and choose to better yourself or quit we will take you off.  It seems as though some cannot read or they would know this.

When you decide that you are going to start sending the hate mail you might want to take this same advice.  If your writing skills are worse than your tattoos it makes us wonder how you have gotten this far in life.

Our purpose hasn’t been to wreck peoples life or point out a select few people who we personally dislike.  This is about tattooing.  It is something that you are putting on someone that will be there the rest of their life.  We understand that there is laser removal or cover-ups, but who wants to go through that when they can just get something that is good the first time.

It is funny how so many people who have made it to this site would probably never have been seen if they or one of their friends had not asked to be friends with our facebook page.  You might want to look at who you are asking to be friends.  It is not our fault that you brought attention to your work by doing so.

We have decided to go ahead and explore our last hate mail experience and explain to you why.  We suggest you take this to heart and use it to better yourself.

First we will start with the photo that started it all.

Shortly after posting this photo it begins.  We wrote nothing about it.  Just a simple picture post.

We were then asked on facebook by girlfriend why we had posted this picture.  We simply said “the blog explains everything”.

Then we were done posting so we signed out and that was the last of it from us.  When we returned later we just had an inbox message from girlfriend saying “your a coward, and i’ll ruin you.”

Again we repeat again and again if you decide to better yourself we will take you off of here.  Which we are guessing that this blog was never actually read or they would have known this.  So we get onto the blog to check our comments and we have received not only from the girlfriend but from the person that did this tattoo.  This is the point where we will go over what they said and answer their questions and tell them why they were posted on this page to begin with.

“First of all my name is Andrew Bell not Andrew Bell 3. Second of all that tattoo was done in Stanberry Mo. thats about 2 hours noth of K.C. if your not smart enough to figure out a map. Third it is a good tattoo for what I had to work with because when someone brings you a print and tells you they want it the same as the pic and you try your best to do so even after telling them that its not going to come out looking the same well you get what you get. I have been a tattoo artist for about 7 years now and I am going through an apprenticeship trying to become a better artist someone that K.C. could be proud of but it makes it difficult when idiots like you post my tattoo work on here trying to ruin my name before I even have a chance here. If you are going to post my tattoos at least know where they come from and put an explination to why there bad. My work speaks for itself and always has. If anyone wants to see my work my name is Andrew Bell on facebook. I dont have anything to hide no one is great when they start tattooing it take time and someone to teach you what they know. But I will tell you who ever runs this site is a coward on facebook and on here. You go by a fake name on facebook posing to be peoples friends to get there art work and ruin there name. You dont post the good work people do. Why is that? (John Smith) (Facebook)”

We will start with your “first”.  The reason the photo said Andrew Bell 3 was because we had a plethora or your photos and each had a number so we would know which was which.  So it seems you got lucky cause we only posted one photo.

“Second”  Why does it matter if a tattoo was done in a different city?  You work in the KC area.  This is still a representation of your work.

“third”  Any good tattooist who cares about their work and what the work represents will not make up an excuse by saying “it is a good tattoo for what I had to work with because when someone brings you a print and tells you they want it the same as the pic and you try your best to do so even after telling them that its not going to come out looking the same well you get what you get.”

Again we repeat ourselves.  If you take to heart what we are saying here and decide to better yourself by either quitting or actually getting a good apprenticeship we will take you down.  If you would have read this before you started going off about how good your work is your picture would have been taken down and we would never have had to even talk about this now would we.

We also don’t really understand you saying that you have been tattooing for 7 years but then you go on to say that no one is good when the first start.

You then go on to talk about how we should say why it is bad.  We are going to give you an example of good praying hands and let you study the difference between yours and those done by a good tattooist.

We just did a simple google search and these came right up.  They were done by Chris Garver.  We know that he has been tattooing much longer than you, but we are hoping that you can see the difference between what praying hands should look like and what yours look like.  If you can not see a difference between the two then you should probably not be tattooing.  We suggest that you start off by taking some art classes at one of the many colleges around.  Most of them have wonderful art programs and would really help out if you are actually serious about making this a career.

Now to the last of your rant.  “ But I will tell you who ever runs this site is a coward on facebook and on here. You go by a fake name on facebook posing to be peoples friends to get there art work and ruin there name. You dont post the good work people do. Why is that? (John Smith) (Facebook)”    Again if you would have read what we stand for then you would have seen that in no way do we promote anyone.  This is not to be about any of the writers on here or any local good tattooers.  It is about teaching the consumer to do research before they go out and get a bad tattoo.  So you can go on and on about how we are “cowards” because we will not say who we are.  This is not a promotion site.  This is a teaching site.  This is called KC Worst Tattoos not KC Best Tattoos. As far as us posing as a fake person as “john smith” if people would look at who they are asking to be friends they would have seen what it says on the facebook page.

We suggest that you take this as a lesson.  You just received a free critique.  We were nice about it and we didn’t totally bash and tear you or the tattoo you did apart.  If you were not an apprentice we would have.  We suggest that you be smart when you start running your mouth.  Greater Kansas City has alot of shops, but if you want to be taken seriously by the ones that are good you might want to think before you talk.  The only way anyone is going to take you serious is if you stop trying to talk big and start concentrating on your art work.


kcwt staff

daily pic


“reality” tv is at it again.

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TLC is at it again.  This time they have gone into this with the tattoo world up in arms.  Here at KcWorstTattoos we are trying to help educate the public as to what to look for when it comes that time for your next new tattoo.  It has just been made harder for us to do our job.  When the money hungry tv channels decide to make a show about a tattoo “school” it gets real tattooers in an uproar.  They have a so called tattoo genius supposedly teaching people how to tattoo in a two week period.  We fear that this will start an onslaught of even more scratchers taking over the local trailer parks and apartment complexes.  Or perhaps more door to door tattoo salesman.  We here at KcWorstTattoos ask you to not watch this so called “tattoo school” tv program.  This is going to hurt not only the tattoo world but also anyone who gets any kind of bbp or infection from someone who did not receive the proper training.  We do not need more dirty shops,  we have more than we should in the first place.


TLC Reality Check


It is a sad day in Indep.

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Sorry we haven’t posted in a while.  It has been hectic around the holiday.  We have had many emails sending us more and more of the worst and worst.  So we will not go on and on this time with our rambling and send you straight to the pictures.


We were not told if this is someone that works at a shop,   just that they are from Independence.


Being proud isn’t always a good thing.

“I was thinking for my first tattoo I should get?”

It might be salvageable at this point if someone else fixes it.

A sketchy memorial for a fallen clown.

We have no idea what this is besides a masterpiece or maybe just a piece.

Another example of how not to color in a tattoo.


Keep the Emails coming (kcworsttattoos@gmail.com)



please stop

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Sense we are an educational site,  we wanted to go over things to look for.  In an earlier post we went over that you should look for smooth consistent lines.  As you  can see in the above photo they are neither smooth nor consistent in thicknesses.

Here is another example of what a bad tattoo looks like.

Now to show the difference between a bad tattoo and a good tattoo.  Here is a flower by Nikko Hurtado.  As you can see it is much more smooth and vibrant.

Again we come to an example of what a lot of tattoos seem to look like.  We want to give you these examples of good and bad so that when you go into a shop and look threw portfolios that you will know the difference.

Here is an example of a good tattoo by Mike DeVries

This Bird was done by Thad Ritchey.

We wanted to show you different examples of totally different styles of tattoos.  Both are equally good, but most artists specialize in different styles.  When looking for an artist you should definitely be looking at their portfolios and looking for the style and quality that you deserve.

Don’t settle for the cheapest worst tattoo you can find.  This will be on you for the rest of your life.   We will be putting up more examples of  good and bad tattoos to try and help teach everyone the difference.  All the good tattoos that we will post will be from artists all over the world and no locals.  We know that there are some really good artists around the greater Kansas City area but we are not doing any promotions for any artists or shops.  We are trying to just be a learning/entertainment tool.  The more people know the difference between good and bad maybe we can help stop the large amount of scratchers out there screwing up people.

For your entertainment we will go ahead and post some more bad local tattoos.

Kansas 816 City.

I think this one speaks for itself.  Not cute and girly like they probably asked for.

“I am wanting something to represent some close friends that have died. Maybe like a grave stone with their names on it all crooked ?”

naked gremlin going for a run?

This is what a Japanese dragon should not look like.

scratcher madness

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When we started this blog the full purpose was to try and teach the normal consumer what a good tattoo looked like.  At the same time we think that scratchers should be called out for their actions.  If you are a true tattooist and you have a true love for tattooing then you will do whatever it takes so that you can learn the correct way of tattooing.

We have posted several blogs so far.  The response has been overwhelming great.  We have had so many people messaging us and thanking us for what we are trying to do.  At the same time we have had 2 or 3 different people who have been blogged about sending hate messages.  We have been called “nigga faggots” and much more.  We have also been told that we need to be squashed because we don’t know what we are talking about.  Our facebook was shut down because of these scratchers complaining over and over again.  We have said from the beginning that if you have been blogged about and you quit “tatt’n up” people or if you choose to make the correct steps to do a real apprenticeship that we will take you off here.  Of course if at this point you have a huge head about yourself and you really are a horrible tattooist then you will probably never get better because in your small mind you are already great.

Seeing that our facebook has been deleted for now we are asking that YOU(people who respect tattooing) share links to our blog on your websites, facebooks, myspaces, blogs, whatever it is you use.  A couple of scratcher turds will not scare us off.  LET’S SAVE GREATER KANSAS CITY TATTOOING!!!!



Here are a couple pictures of what we are trying to stop.  These were sent to us and we were told they are “E Rock” from somewhere around Grandview.

As you can see he uses very sterile practices.  “Don’t mind that oil spill my paper towels are laying on, it ain’t hurt’n you”

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